Sunday, November 11, 2012


  1. Danielle Paulson
    Hour 1

    This past weekend I went to see the musical Into the Woods at the high school. Into the Woods is awhole bunch of fairy tales combined into one. For example, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and several others. The musical is tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife (baker's wife) and their quest to begin a family. However they have to face the interaction of the Witch who put a curse on them. The musical was put on four times this past weekend so everyone that wanted to see it had the opportunity to go watch it.
    In my opinion the musical was excellent. In fact I enjoyed seeing it so much the first time that I went to go see it again a second time the next day. All the actor's and actress's did such a great job playing their characters. They really got into their roles which made it more entertaining for the audience. I don't think that they could have casted anyone better for any of the parts. It truely was just that good.
    The musical was a good example of "Living life to the fullest" in my opinion. Seeing the musical represents humanities in a huge way. I have a ton of fun whenever I see a musical or play. I haven't missed a single musical, or play ever since I started high school. I don't think you can live life to the fullest without seeing a play or musical.

    1. Anna A Little
      Hour 1st

      On November 20th, I went to see "Into the Woods." There were many fairy tales like Cinderella, Little Red Riding-hood, Rapunzel, etc... All those fairy tales were put together and made a new story. The musical show, "Into the Woods" had many fairy tale stories that were put into one play and made it very Unique.

      I really Liked how the show, "Into the Woods" put stories together and made the different from the originals. My best part of the show was when the Baker found out that his wife has died. He got so angry and ran away leaving his child with Cinderella. The Bakers father came to tell him that he was making the same mistakes as he did. The Baker changed his mind and went back to his child. He went back to others and killed the giant.

      I went with my mom to see "Into the Woods." It was a great play, that we want to come again to the next schools play.
      Thank You

  2. Anna A Little
    Hour 2nd

    On December 14th, 2012, I went to Northwestern College with my family and one of my friends, Nargiz,to watch a Christmas consert. It was called "Light and Life to All He Brings". It's mostly Christmas music but between each song a Narrator would tell a story about the Christmas story and about Jesus Christ. It's through Jesus Christ that we have Christmas because he was born. They had an orchestra that played live music and people would sing.

    They ask audience to participate with the singing, so that people not only listen to the choir sing, but also were involved in singing. The audience sang only two songs out of eighteen. The audience sang at the begging and at the closing.

    I really liked that they had the audience participate in the concert. I would recommend that they let the audience participate more but everything else was perfect.

    This was my second year that I went to a Northwestern College Christmas concert. I can't wait for next year to see their new performance and new songs. I really enjoyed my self getting into the Christmas spirit. It created warm and pleasant feelings. Hope you can come next year and enjoy it as I did.

    Thank You.

  3. Tatyana Toltzman
    Hour: 2

    For one of my out door activities I went to see the play "Into the Woods". the musical at the Prior Lake Highschool. It was a play with several different stories but each story was linked to one another. It was a comedy but also a dramatic play. I chose to bring my friend Katie Persons with me to see the play. There was Jack and the Bean Stock, A Baker and his Wifer story, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Reponzel. The play was recreated to make all of to be like a chain.

    My reaction to the play was it was outstanding! I really enjoyed it all the music, the talent, the different fairy tales itself. I was into the play to whole time i was there, because there were so many things going on it never got boring to me. I believe the major story in this play was the one with the Baker and his wife. the reasoning behind this was because they wanted a baby and the witch decided to cast a spell if they didnt get the items she wanted. Each item came from a different character which led to the different stories. As you know the white cow Milky stole the stage! she was my favorite thing about the play because her part was so simple but she was very entertaining! I would defenitally recomend this play even though its not playing anymore.

    This play ties in with the musical part of humanities and the art. the musical part is because it was a musical! it had a lot of dancing and singing that went with this play.
    The art side of it was because of all the stage props and the stage itself, music is an art, it had the creativity to it as well.

  4. Elizabeth Williams

    Over Christmas break, after anticipating its arrival at theaters, my family and I saw the new film Les Misérables, starring some amazing actors. Even though it was a 3 hour long movie, which is way longer than I can usually tolerate,the movie kept my interest throughout the showing. Some of the cast included Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, and Amanda Seyfried. I really enjoyed the fact that the cast also included actors who are invloved in the musical theater world. I was probably most impressed with Hugh Jackman's performance as ex-prisoner, Jean Valjean and Samantha Barks's performance as Eponine. I found both of their performances extremely captivating.

    Although the story has many elements, the film basically follows ex-prisoner Jean Valjean's life, trying to escape his shadowed past. What I absolutely loved about this story and film, is that one of its main themes is delieverence.

    This world famous book, turned musical, then turned film exceeded my expectations. I know some people didn't really eat up all of the "sing-talking" throughout the movie, but to me, it wasn't bothersome at all. I would reccomend it to anyone. And I fervently want to express that everyone should take the opportunity to see it in theaters.

    This film is considered a part of humaniteis because films evoke emotions within people, they are an art form, and they can touch people even better than photos or music, in my opinion.

  5. Eric Gerdes
    Hour: 2

    This past weekend I went and saw the movie Argo. This movie was about militants that seize control of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran during the Iranian Revolution. A CIA agent, Tony Mendez, decides tp create a fake Hollywood film to rescue the group of Americans that are held hostage. Tony decides to pretend to be a Canadian film producer, and film this movie in Tehran so that he can gather more information and rescue these inocent Americans.
    I thought this movie was very interesting. i liked it because it is very realistic. i also liked it alot because it was well produced and had a great plot. I would recommend this movie to everyone, i would because this movie has alot of awards going for it, and it is something that could actually happen in the real world. i also think everyone should see this movie because it is a all around great movie with alot of action in it!
    This film had to do with Humaniteis because it is a film, which is part of humnaities, but also i found alot of emotion through out this film. As i watched this movie, i was on the edge of the seat scared that Tony, the film producer was going to get cought. when the movie started and the Embassy was taken over there was also alot of emotion in the movie with anger, sadness, and people being scared. i enjoyed this movie alot and i would forsure go see it again. i hope everyone else has the chance to see this film because it is a good one in my opinion.

  6. For this activity, I watched the movie “Forrest Gump”. The 1994 Academy Award Best Picture winner. The story itself is about a man named Forrest Gump waiting at a bus stop and telling passerby’s his life story. It begins as him as a young boy being fitted with leg braces. As time goes on, people come and go on the bench next to him. And as each new person arrives, he has a new chapter of his life to reveal to them. Throughout his life, he meets Elvis Presley, goes to college, is named to the All-American football team, served in Vietnam and earned the Medal of Honor, met President Johnson, uncovered the Watergate scandal, started a “shrimpin” business, invested in Apple, had a son, and got married to his love, Jenny.

    After watching this movie, I gained a deeper understanding of all that has happened to America and the world since the 1950’s. And since I have seen a more in-depth view of what happened (sort of), the events that took place have a greater meaning to me. This was a fantastic movie and I would recommend it to anybody that enjoys movies. There isn’t anything that I didn’t like about it. (Brings emotion and expression of emotion to our world)- This approach connects to the experience by showing the emotional side of American history. By doing this, this adds a different feel to the story. Plus, it makes the stories MUCH easier to understand.

  7. Jamie DOnaldosn
    Hour 2
    The second out side activity i did was attend/participate in the holiday concert at playworks. It was a concert for ages 6 weeks -6 years old. They all did about three songs each. I helped out with the babies and the toddlers. They needed so many hands because the kids wanted to run everywhere. After they were done on stage I went back and watched the rest of the concert.
    My reflection of this was it was super fun. I love being with little kids. It was super fun to see all the little kids dressed up in their pretty little dresses or ties and nice shirts. It was also very cool to see the children perform for their parents and how happy they were at the end. Some of the kids of course did not like it so well and cried because they were in front of 300 people. I would recommend it to everyone it is a very heart warming thing. This connects with hummanities through emotion seeing all the parents and how proud they are and the kids faces when the parents come to get them.

    1. For my outside hours I went to see the movie Argo. Argo is based on a true story about the Iranian hostage crisis in the early 1980's. During this crisis Iranian hostile groups take over the U.S. embassy base in Iran to capture the 150 American men and women working there. Soon after capturing the Americans the Iranians realize that 6 men and women ecasped. Soon after realizing this search parties for the Americans are sent out. Ben Afleck stars in this film as Tony Mendez a very smart CIA agent. Tony's job is to get the 6 Americans out of Iran safely. He comes up with a plan to get the group out by disguising as a Canadian film maker and disgusing the Americans as actors in the movie which is called Argo. After many heart pounding scenes the group eventually makes into the airport and safely leaves the country unharmed.
      This film far exceeded my expectations and I actually really liked it. It had tons of heart pounding actaion and was really suspenseful. It's hard to imagine what the Americans must have felt like knowing that if they were found they would surely have been killed. The movie really made me think about war and torture and chocked me that it still goes on today. I would reccomend the movie to anyone who loves suspenseful and exciting movies.
      For my approcah to humanities I believe the movie relates to the fact that it makes us think about the world and our emotions around the world. This crisis caused many emotions all around the world and made many peolpe think about how they felt about this subject.

  8. Brittney Carpenter
    Hour: 1
    For my third activity I rewatched the movie Chicago. The film is based on the Broadway musical Chicago, which was based of the two-real life Jazz-era killers. In the movie Roxie killed Fred, the man she was having an affair with, and was put into prison. During the movie they explain the murders the each of the woman committed and whether they were guilty. Also there is a pregnancy skit where she gets her loving husband to help her get out of prison. Roxie meets Velma in the prison an they become partners once they are both out.
    Personally I really enjoyed this movie because it is very different to other musicals that I have seen. It has a very dark and sensual feel to it. My favorite number in the movie is the "Cell Block Tango," by Velma and the Cell Block Girls. I would recommend others to see it because it is very interesting to watch and sing along to.
    One approach to humanities is that it provides us with a perspective to view the world. It shows us how each of the girls saw the murder in their eyes, where they think they did not do anything wrong.

    1. sydney glassel
      For my outside hours i read an article on how robotics are getting popular in Minnesota.It talked about how its getting more wide spread and socially acceptable without being called a geek. They talk about how they make robots that can shoot a basket or throw a Frisbee. Near the end they talk about robot kits not being cheap. It talks about robotics being a sport any kid can get into because you don't need physical effort.
      The article was interesting because it talked about what went into it. I thought it was cool how the competition is very basic but if you think about it. There are tons of ideas that can be made with a simple robot. It could also encourage someone to go into engineering when they get out of school. I never realize it was so expensive to build a robot.
      A purpose of humanities is that it shows us options. The article its self shows us that you have the option of robotics. Robotics shows us the different approaches to one basic idea.